Transfer of CPA Examination Scores


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This service has authorization to transfer your Uniform CPA Examination Scores (Passed and/or Failed) to another participating board of accountancy.

Please select the jurisdiction you wish to transfer your scores FROM and carefully read any notifications regarding your selection. If your jurisdiction does not appear in the drop down menu you will need to contact your board office directly.

Your official score transfer will automatically ship to the board's office in which you indicate via U.S Postal service. A copy of the score transfer will also be sent to the shipping address that you indicate on the order form.

If the Board you are applying to has a specific transfer form that is required to be completed, an on-line representative will e-mail you the form. If you are licensed in the State of Georgia the license verification section of the form will automatically be completed.

Please allow 5 business days for processing of your order.

To place your order, please complete the following:

If you took the exam under a different name, specify here.


Leave blank if not licensed in any jurisdiction

Select Jurisdiction you are transferring FROM

Select Jurisdiction you are transferring TO

Please enter an estimated examination
date for the examination sections selected below:





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