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Request a reprint of your exam score from any of the sections by indicating each section with the month and year of your exam date. You will receive separate score notices for each section of the examination you have taken.

Each notice includes:

  • Examination Identifying information(section name, section ID and date)
  • Your score for that examination section
  • Result (Pass/Fail)
Each score notice also shows credit status for the other examination sections you have taken. A credit status of ATTENDED indicates your score information for that section has not been received.

Please be certain all information is correctly entered when submitting your order to prevent delays in processing and delivering your score notice reprint. Please allow 5 business days for complete processing of your order.

To place your order, please complete the following:

Enter your Jurisdiction ID number

If you took the exam under a different name, specify here.

If your state is not listed, contact your board office.

Please enter an estimated examination
date for the examination sections selected below:





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